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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Things People Say To Me Now That I Have Cancer

Once they know you have the Big C, people tend to speak differently when they're around you.  They want to wish you well and let you know they're thinking about you, which is great.  And they say things to you they never said before.

As for me, I'm most appreciative of all the kind words.  I know they're sincere.  And since I'm still my normal, sincerely smart-ass self, I can't help but find some humor in the three most frequent expressions of support.

1.  "You look great!"  I'm now in my sixties, so thank you.  But I looked better in my thirties, and I don't recall anyone back then telling me how good I looked.  In my situation, "you look great" is code for "you don't look dead."   And, happily,  I'm not.  So thanks again!

2.  "I'll pray for you/You're in our prayers."  Those who know me best know I'm not religious and I put no stock in the human invention of prayer.  You might as well cross your fingers or ask the Wizard of Oz, but if you feel you must "pray," that's OK.  I realize I have a few devout, true-believer friends who are ritualistically lighting candles and saying novenas for me, and there's Sister Miriam's convent -- a whole order of nuns fiddling with their rosaries on my behalf.  I'm a touched and grateful heathen who sees no need for all the genuflection and Bible verses.  I'm happy just to be occasionally remembered in your thoughts.

3.  "Let me know if I can do anything for you."  Really?  Anything?  In that case, paint my house!

Please don't take me seriously.  I'm a kidder.  I kid!  Love and appreciation to all my regular readers!  I'm feeling good and doing fine.  Until the next post.

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