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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Poor, Sick Conservative Willing To Die For GOP's Right To Kill Millions

(Parody from The Red Shtick.com)

Poor, Sick Conservative Willing to Die for GOP’s Right to Kill Millions

A financially strapped, dialysis-dependent supporter of President Donald Trump said he would gladly give up his life in defense of Republican efforts to kill countless Americans as part of their overhaul of the country’s health care system.
Louisiana resident Paul Wadsworth’s declaration came in response to widespread criticism of GOP-sponsored health care bills in both the U.S. House and Senate. Many watchdog groups have said either version would severely restrict access to coverage for the nation’s poorest and sickest — including the elderly and children — and would result in millions of Americans dying from lack of proper medical care.
For his part, the 63-year-old, divorced, diabetic kidney patient on a fixed income claimed such critics are attempting to instill fear among America’s most vulnerable, a group he says should be willing to fulfill their duty to their country by dying.
“Unlike all these snowflakes crying about dying of pre-existing conditions, I got no problem with laying down my life to Make America Great Again.”
“The death of poor people in America is a small price to pay for a quality, Republican health care plan that finally gets rid of that damn Obamacare,” the Medicaid-reliant Wadsworth stated in support of the Senate’s proposal to gut Medicaid. “If enacting such a measure means I’m collateral damage, so be it. I’m ready to die for my country. Unlike all these snowflakes crying about dying of pre-existing conditions, I got no problem with laying down my life to Make America Great Again.”
Wadsworth added that he often gets into heated arguments with staff members and other patients at the Magnolia Dialysis Center, where he receives government-subsidized treatment three times a week.
“I can’t wait for the Republicans to pass their health care bill so I won’t have to worry about listening to all those libtards anymore,” the disability benefits recipient explained. “Poor, sick people need to quit bitching about Trump and the Republicans, pick themselves up by their bootstraps, and use those bootstraps to finally do something productive, like ending their miserable, government-subsidized lives.”

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