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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Congressman Deliberately Shot

As you know, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), a staffer and two cops were shot and wounded this morning at an Alexandria, VA ballfield.  The gunman, who was killed, had liberal political views and a history of domestic violence.

Whatever the shooter's "motivation," it's always horrifically WRONG to resort to gunfire as a means of expressing one's displeasure, political or other.  All decent, reasonable human beings are shocked and saddened by this senseless act, and wish Scalise and the others a speedy and full recovery.  (It's not known whether Scalise was personally targeted, but we do know he's a hard-right dumbass who has addressed neo-Nazi white supremacist rallies and once called himself "David Duke without the baggage."  But he didn't deserve to be shot.) 

It's also ridiculously WRONG for conservatives to try to blame this shooting on liberals!  No less than Gabby Giffords immediately called for support and sympathy and understanding, and she was promptly attacked by deplorable Twitter-tards who called her a traitor, an enabler, told her to F herself, and said it was too bad she wasn't shot again.  One of the milder tweets:  "@Gabby Giffords - You leftist extremists are responsible for this tragedy."

What hate-filled horseshit!  Nevermind that a mass shooter is far more likely to be a conservative than a liberal, the persistent problem in American gun violence is not political persuasion, it's too damn many guns!  (At not quite the halfway point of this year, we've had 13,400 gun injuries and 6800 gun deaths.  Today, four were killed in a mass shooting in San Francisco.)  We are awash in lethal weapons and ammo, and right-wing gun proliferation policies and stupid pro-gun laws are only making things worse.  Do the math!  More and more guns means more and more chances for gun violence, more and more opportunities for a gun to wind up in the wrong hands.

Responsibility lies not with "leftist extremists" but with gun makers, the NRA, and GOP law makers.  This time, one of their own has been shot, and the blood is on their hands every bit as much as on the shooter's.

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