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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Speaking Of Gross Injustice

Here's a coincidental and incredible follow-up to yesterday's "Gross Injustice" post.

In April of this year, Columbus Police responded to reports of a man with a gun.  They found him, arrested him, handcuffed him with his hands behind his back, and placed him face down on the pavement.  The man was clearly sudued and giving no resistance.  Officer Zachary Rosen was then videotaped running up to the suspect and, for no reason, stomping him on the head and then kneeling on his head and neck.

Rosen has a history of out-of-control excessive force.  In 2015, he drew his gun on an unarmed man and kicked him until he fell down.  In the 2016 deadly confrontation with Henry Green, Rosen fired his weapon at Green 15 times.

After the April stomping incident, a grand jury declined to indict Rosen and he was placed on desk duty while Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs pondered her disciplinary options.  Yesterday, she announced her decision:  an unpaid suspension of 24 work hours, the equivalent of three 8-hour shifts.

Another gross injustice!  Suspended for 24 hours?  This fucking sadistic pig ought to be fired.  He's mentally unfit to be a police officer.

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