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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hang In There, Kathy Griffin

Did a comedian finally go too far and do something offensive?  Oh no!  That's never, ever happened before.

Was the little Trump boy -- what's his name?  Prince?  Rex?  Earl?  Lord?  Viscount?  Oh yeah, Barron -- was the young Barron actually traumatized by such an obvious fake?  Did he really believe Kathy Griffin was holding the severed head of his father?  If so, he's a rather slow and gullible 11-year-old.   

Was he just as traumatized when his fraudulent father mocked a disabled reporter?  Or bragged about grabbing women by the pussy?  Was he frightened by photos of his half-brothers posing with the chopped-off body parts of animals they'd just killed?

Was this poor, sensitive child disgusted by the blatant racist hatred showered on the Obamas for eight straight years by the "free speech" alt-right crowd?  Was he shocked by all of the "joke" images of the president lynched, shot, or portrayed as a gorilla?

For two terms, the Obamas took more shit than anyone could possibly deserve, but never dignified any of it with a response.  Trump, on the other hand, has skin like wet Kleenex and can't take a joke.  He childishly and peevishly reacts to every speck of criticism, joke or other.  Usually by midnight tweet.

Comedy is hard, and comedians have always tested the limits of propriety.  Lenny Bruce, anyone?  George Carlin?  Dave Chappelle?  Shit cuts both ways and politicians are fair game.  So grow a set, Donald!  Kathy Griffin may or may not have been "funny," but she did no real harm to you or your family.  (Trump of course has already done real harm to many real people, and intends to do much more.)

Kathy Grrrrl, you hang in there!  You stay strong, you keep pushing the limits and you keep making fun of that shriveled potato face with butthole lips and troll doll hair.  You're OK.  You are something, and he is nothing!  Screw 'em all!



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