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Buster Gammons

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dear Mitch

(My email today to Sen. Mitch McConnell.  He'll never read it, of course, but what the hell.)

Dear Mitch,

As always, you insult everyone's intelligence.

Concocted in total secrecy, your lobbyist-designed Senate version of health care is no better than the House's abomination, the AHCA.  Your bill guts funding for the ACA with a huge tax cut for those who don't need it.  It damages the group coverage concepts of the ACA by eliminating the individual mandate and by dropping the requirement that employers of 50+ offer health insurance.  Fewer people will purchase coverage.  Your plan will mean higher premiums and deductibles, especially for the old and the sick, and lower premium subsidies for those who need them most.  It removes the requirement for essential medical benefits and removes the ban on lifetime payment caps, which essentially will render pre-existing coverage meaningless.  And your bill will remove tens of millions of Americans from Medicaid coverage (but the really big cuts won't occur for another 7-8 years, because all you GOP Senators need to get re-elected!).

Then you have the arrogance, the impudence, the gall, to stand up in public and declare your hot, steaming mess to be an "achievement."  It is no such thing.  It's a debacle.  Just like the House's AHCA, your Senate bill does not improve health care in any way.  It worsens it.  It will hurt people.  Have you no decency?

All the worst,

Buster Gammons

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