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Monday, July 3, 2017

Local News (To Avoid Like The Plague)

Sinclair Broadcast Group is the country's largest owner of local TV stations.  Sinclair is run by a bunch of hard-right wingnuts who make no secret of their political persuasion, and who require their local minions recite the company line, often word for word.  This means that Sinclair stations may be local, but they're not giving you news -- they're giving you propaganda.

Here in Columbus, we have two Sinclair TV channels -- WSYX, Channel 6, our local ABC affiliate, and WTTE, Channel 28, our local Fox affiliate (big surprise, eh?).  If you watch either of these channels for anything other than sports, please consider other programming.  And if you watch either for local news, you need your head examined.  You're watching shit.  The "talent" and production values are schlocky-cheap Junior Achievement, and the content drips with partisanship.

For your amusement and edification, Jon Oliver explains it all in a fast-paced 19 minute piece which, if you haven't seen it already, is worth your time:

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