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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Another Healthcare Email To Senator Portman. Join Me, Please.

Sent today to Ohio Sen. Rob Portman (R).

Hi, Rob.  It's me again, your 62-year-old constituent with Stage 4 cancer being kept alive by Obamacare.  Hope you read this, although I doubt you will.

Despite the ongoing carnival of corruption in the White House, I haven't lost sight of the damage you Republicans are trying to inflict upon the ACA.

You were sluggish, evasive and indecisive as always, but toward the end of June you finally announced your opposition to the current Senate health bill, only after it was clear it didn't have the votes to pass.  Although you were slow, you eventually came to the right conclusion.  Good!

Now, just two weeks later (one of which was your July 4th recess), Miraculous Mitch says you'll vote the week of July 17th on a "new and improved" version.  Oh boy.  It will be either virtually identical to the awful first draft, or even worse.  And he'll try to buy your vote by throwing some more money at opioid treatment, your pet cause.

Ohio's opioid problem is important, but our health care concerns are far broader than that single facet.  Your Senate bill, whatever the tweaks, will harm rather than help.  It will remain morally indefensible, taking coverage away from/raising costs on the poor, the sick and the elderly in order to give a huge tax break to the wealthy.

True to form, you're again dismissing overwhelming public opposition and protests, and tap-dancing about CBO scores.  Get real, Rob!  You know what's going to be in the new bill -- the same old crap as before.

So once again, Rob, I call on you to publicly renounce this horrible bill.  Don't sell out for a handful of opioid dollars.  Vote NO on the Senate health bill!

Preserving and strengthening the ACA is the responsible way, the best way, the only way to go.

(More on how to do that in my next email.)

You may email Sen. Portman using this link:

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