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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Productive Things To Do Tonight at 9:00

For example, you could fold the laundry, walk the dog, vacuum the floor, read a book, listen to music, do a crossword, have a drink, watch a movie, eat ice cream, or go to bed early.

Whatever you do, don't watch the fake president lie about a "humanitarian and national security crisis" at our southern border.  Don the Con wants to defend against an imaginary "invasion" by building a section of border wall.  To do it, he demands $5 billion, or $2.5 billion, no, better make it $5.7 billion, or even $7 billion.

Congress won't authorize any of those amounts, so Trump is showing his great deal-making skills by throwing a temper tantrum and shutting down the federal government until his gets his way and gets his wall.

The humanitarian crisis is created by Trump and his droogies at ICE and Border Patrol.  Their anti-humanitarian policies and practices include, infamously, family separation and baby jail.  Trump is perfectly willing to let asylum-seekers die in our custody, then blame them for their own deaths.

Trump's shutdown has also created the rest of the humanitarian crisis.  There are 800,000 government workers who've gone three weeks without pay, held hostage to The Wall Nut's demented dream.  Already, we're seeing a notable increase TSA and FAA employees calling in sick.  (Anyone want to book a flight right now?)  Others have started GoFundMe pages to raise money to pay their rent.

The longer TSA goes without pay, the less they'll want to "handle shit."

Government employees will eventually receive their back pay, but only after the shutdown ends.  Government contractors will never get any back pay.  They're screwed.  Employee or contractor, people need their money now.  They can't pay their bills in border walls.

But His Lardship says zero income is no big deal, that the people will just have to "adjust."  (He didn't elaborate on how to make that adjustment.)  At first, he claimed that most of the workers he forced to go without pay were Democrats, so fuck 'em -- let 'em starve.  Then he claimed that most going without pay actually agree with his positions and support the shutdown.  Let them eat cake?

The only national security crisis is the fact of Trump occupying the White House.  The sooner that asshole departs, the better off our country will be.  There's no crisis, and a wall solves nothing.

Nevertheless, our craven, greedy TV networks have shamefully agreed to give The Lyin' King valuable air time tonight at 9:00, so he can disseminate his propaganda and his made-up statistics (he rounds up to the highest 4,000) about his fake crisis.

I sincerely hope all the networks give Democrats equal time for a rebuttal of Trump's snake oil sales pitch.  (Once upon a time, the Fairness Doctrine would have required equal time.) 

Unless you enjoy being lied to, don't watch the Fence Fanatic's Reality TV Shit Show.  Don't give him the satisfaction.  Do something else at 9 p.m..  Personally, I'm leaning toward the go to bed early option.

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