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Monday, January 28, 2019

I Love Your Coffee, But Let's Leave It At That

Howard Schultz, billionaire founder of Starbucks, says he may run for president as an independent.  Don't do it, Howard, don't do it.

  • Independents can't win a presidential election, but they can act as a spoiler (e.g. Ralph Nader).
  • Schultz is essentially a Democrat.  If he enters the contest as an independent, all he'll do is siphon off some votes for the Democratic nominee, improving the re-election prospects of the Dictator-Tot.  No one wants that.  If he really wants to run, Schultz should run as a Democrat.
  • Schultz's remarks on health care coverage are dispiriting and misleading.  He said Democrats want "free health care for all, which country can't afford."  No responsible Democrat has ever suggested that universal, single-payer, Medicare-for-all coverage would be free.  The funding model would be tax increases and cutting drug/administrative costs in exchange for lower insurance premiums.
  • We do not want or need another another wealthy businessman with no prior governmental experience as our president.  We've tried Trump and he's an abject failure, an incompetent clown.  Granted, Schultz is genuinely successful in business where Trump is serially bankrupt.  But the business leader background doesn't equate to effective political leadership. 
Starbucks coffee is great -- a far greater contribution to American society than anything that Trump has ever done or will do.  If he leaves it at that, his legacy will be secure.  But if Schultz tries to run for president as an independent, his reputation may suffer . . . Venti!

Don't do it, Howard.

1 comment:

  1. Be realistic! He'd be great! Let's get our lefties buddies lined-up towards the center & beat Drump!
    Be real Buster a far left view won't beat Drump!
    (Got the hair up on your neck, huh?!)