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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Dinky Donny Yields to Powerful Pelosi

After more than a month of useless, pointless, expensive egomania, Orange Julius relented and decided to do things Nancy's way.  He re-opened the government for three weeks, until February 15th, his next utterly made-up deadline.  He's still insisting the Democrats give him $5.7 billion for his stupid wall, or else he'll take (steal) the money from unspent government funds by declaring a national "emergency."  Of course there is no emergency, other than Dolt 45's continued existence.  He's trying to shake us down for his vanity project, for a campaign applause line.

"Build the wall" began not as a serious idea but as a mnemonic to remind the Drumpfkopf to talk about immigration -- "wall" being a shorter word, always something helpful to the weak mind of Trump.  Declaring an emergency for an obvious non-emergency is a legally dubious method of funding, will face court challenges and probably won't work.  Nothing has yet.  And if Trump's wall failure makes Ann Coulter angry, great!  I'm in favor of anything that makes her mad.  It must be right.

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