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Thursday, January 3, 2019

He Spoiled My Lunch Again

He's done it before and oops, he did it again.  Yesterday Dolt 45 went on another fact-free crazy rant during a televised lunch time Cabinet meeting.  It wasn't really a Cabinet meeting -- those boot-licking toadies just sat there silently as the fake president aired another episode of The Trivial Tyrant's Reality Shit Show.  After being holed up in the White House "all alone with the machine gunners" for the past two weeks, Donnie Demento kicked off the new year with a public display of his madness.  For ninety minutes plus, he was simply an incoherent fart in a skillet.

Among his wackiest bits of bizarre:

Without comment, placed a Game of Thrones-style poster of himself on the table, referencing the sanctions he imposed on Iran back in November.  Why?  Why?  Why?

He claimed Obama just built a wall around his house.  No, he didn't.

Said that Vatican City is surrounded by a wall.  No, it isn't.

Said "I shouldn't be popular in Europe.  I don't care about Europe."  Brilliant!

Claimed he "fired" James Mattis.  No, he didn't.  Mattis quit.

"I would have been a good general, but who knows?"  I do.  You'd suck.

Pentagon generals are "like from a movie.  Better looking than Tom Cruise."  WTF???

The room was full of "computer boards."  What's a computer board?

"Nobody knows more about tech than I do."  LMFAO!!

Claimed that Russia went bankrupt fighting Afghanistan.  "That's why they went back to being called Russia instead of the Soviet Union."  Huh?  Where does he get this stuff?

Claimed he "never said we'd leave Syria fast."  Yes, he did.  Just a couple days ago.

Claimed "Russia is not happy" we're pulling out of Syria.  OK, happy is too mild a word.  Russia is, in fact, friggin' ecstatic about it.

Said there are over "30 million" undocumented immigrants in the U.S.  No, not even close.

Said he "heard" that undocumented immigrants "cost our country $275 billion a year."  Must have heard it from himself.  That's a false number he made up in the past month or so.

He believes he "works too hard."  Uh, no.  He has the shortest daily work schedule and has taken the most vacation time of any modern president.

Vows that he'll keep the government shut down for "as long as it takes.  The people think I'm right."  No, the people think you're unfit for office, unfit for anything.

Should the American people give this insane clown four more years?  Yes!  Four more years in a padded room at the funny farm! 

And I must make a note to stop turning on the TV during lunch. 

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