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Buster Gammons

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Trumposity, n. of or relating to Donnie's supreme cluelessness, ostentatiousness, and constant effort to dissemble, deflect and distract with made-up bullshit.

Recent examples:

Trump said he would not continue with Obama's "Assad must go" policy.  The Syrian dictator could stay in power, no problem.  (Essentially the Russian position.)  After that pronouncement, Syria promptly launched a deadly chemical attack on its own people.  Trump blamed it on Obama!  Then he back-pedaled.

To divert attention from the Russian election hacking probe, a month ago Trump came up with the lie that Obama had placed him under surveillance.  In support of that lie, he pulled another shiny object out of his ass -- his claim that Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice leaked the names of some Trump associates appearing in a foreign intelligence report, and that this constituted a crime.  A crime?  "Yes, I think."  Proof or evidence?  "Later, at the right time."  What exactly is her crime?  He couldn't say, but "it's going to be the biggest story."

Advertisers are bailing out, but Fox News renewed its contract with serial sexual harasser Bill O'Rapey.  (Roger Ailes taught him everything he knows.)  And to kick off Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Trump said O'Rapey was "a good person.  I don't think he did anything wrong."  (From one pussy-grabber to another.)

Special Presidential Assistant and daughter-wife Ivanka told an interviewer that she does indeed differ from Daddy Dearest on some issues, and she effectively and privately expresses her opinions to him.  But she will not do so publicly, on the record, and so "most people will not actually know about it."  (Ooh, that's effective!)  

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