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Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Sorry, I'll Be Golfing At Mar-A-Lago"

For the first time since 1910, the president will not throw out the ceremonial first pitch at an Opening Day baseball game.  Trump claims he has a scheduling conflict.  Puh-leeze!

Far more likely reasons that the man who once claimed to be, as a youth, "the best baseball player in New York" will not perform this traditional rite of spring:

  • Mr. Pixie Fingers can no longer properly grasp the ball in his tiny little hands.
  • When he did it in the past, he looked like he was taking a horrible shit.
  • He's afraid of being publicly booed by 40,000 people at Nationals Park.
  • He's scared of the numerous Mexican and Latino players on the rosters of both teams.
Our fearless leader is a frightened little weenie.

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