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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Strategic Impatience As Policy

As just certified by the Trump administration, Iran is fully complying with the terms of its 2015 international nuclear agreement.  But then somebody handed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson a script to read which berated Iran for "sponsoring terrorism," unspecified "provocations" and other complaints unrelated to the nuclear deal.

Stiffly reciting the prepared remarks like an uncomfortable school boy, Big Rex said the era of "strategic patience" with Iran is over.

Oh, great.  A strategy of strategic impatience?  Brilliant!

Trump has no coherent policy, foreign or otherwise, but some people have said nice things about his impetuous bad-boy act -- bombing Syria and Afghanistan, threatening North Korea and Iran, etc.  Having a narcissistic personality disorder, he craves praise and turns even the faintest amount of it into an epic personal triumph for himself.

It's sad (SAD!) that Trump's unfocused knee-jerk military reactions now pass for "policy" and distract us from his myriad shortcomings, both foreign and domestic.

Stop feeding the beast!

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