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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

One Last Response to the Jim Jordan Wrestlegate Post

As promised, the last word on the Jim Jordan Wrestlegate scandal goes to Mr./Ms. Anonymous:

Thanks for allowing one more shot. As an anonymous reader and commentator, I always enjoy your wit and usually even your just about right opinion!
You admit Jordan is the one singled out here because he's the public face of a cover-up. That's just not fair or right. As one former athlete told the Lantern, "Strauss’ behavior in the men’s locker room was particularly unusual and disturbing, the athlete said. He said Strauss was known for walking around the room naked, and that he also would read the newspaper naked nearby the drinking fountain. He would “linger and stare at your crotch,” the athlete said." So, Buster, it's likely Strauss' weird behavior had been going on since the mid-70's when he came there, which is 10 years before Jordan got there! No one did anything about it. If there was a cover-up it was way over Jordan's head (as many things are). As that former athlete told the Lantern,"Someone had to make that decision [to let Strauss continue conducting physicals],” the athlete said. “Let’s say he’s a great doctor, fine. He doesn’t have to do the physicals, because it’s like someone was pretty much feeding us to him." Throwing the lambs to the wolf wouldn't an assistant coach's job. That's someone from the athletic department's medical staff that would assign team doctors. It's unfair and not right to make Jordan the face of any cover-up.
Seems everybody in Larkins Hall knew Strauss was creepily different, even Jordan. Did Jordan know specifically he was 'playing' with the guys' genitals for his personal pleasure while giving physicals, we don't know, but I don't think so. If he knew, why wouldn't he report it? It would've been no skin from his nose. Further, you and I don't know specifically why these people would make such accusations about Jordan. Maybe they don't like Jordan's politics or maybe we can follow the money as payouts occur. It makes perfect sense that accusing a national political figure could bring greater attention to their case. DiSabato had previously asked Ohio State to settle this case with pay outs, but to no avail. Needed to do something to gain attention. You can continue to believe Jordan's accusers. I'll take Jordan's accusers with a grain of salt, and stick with head coach Russ Hellickson, the one who finally put an end to Strauss' presence around the wrestling team and Jordan's boss, the other five coaches and numerous athletes that vouch for Jordan.

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  1. Ohio law is very specific about educators, either teacher, coach, or administrator, being required to report even the mere suspicion of all forms of abuse including sexual abuse. The law does not mention "age". The penalties include, fines, imprisonment, loss of license, and loss of retirement. You might want to read the legislation and see how it might apply to the current question.