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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

I'm A Favorite. Yippee.

I know a guy who's the sort of conserva-tard who believes everyone he encounters must naturally share his conserva-tarded opinions, and he's therefore always shocked -- shocked! -- to meet anyone who does not.  He regards Democrats/liberals/progressives as rare curiosities -- unexpected ET's from another galaxy.

I wouldn't call him a friend.  More of a recent, casual acquaintance.  For the past two years, he's been a proudly outspoken Trumpanzee MAGAtt.  Without prompting, he's happy to tell you how he just loves the Cheeto Benito, that he's the strongest president ever, the best president ever, just look what he's done for the economy, that the tax cut was wonderful, blah-blah-blah.

When showing off his new car, he makes sure to mention that his satellite radio is always tuned to "Fox News, baby!"  He refers to President Obama as "that f***ing N****r."  And when he asks the lovely Mrs. Gammons the meaning of the FDT monogram on her purse, he goes into outraged apoplexy when she tells him.  "That's so disrespectful!"

But lately, with the swamp administration in shambles and/or in jail, with the market in the tank, with the third government shutdown in a year, with Yam Face's idiotic obsession with a Mexican wall, with Mueller still at work, with our foreign policy farmed out to foreign countries, and with His Lonely Lardship in an obvious state of mental malfunction, Mr. Cock-Sure Trump-Lover is suddenly far more circumspect.

And so it was that the other day he approached me and a buddy and declared out of the blue that we were his "two favorite Democrats" because we're "always so nice and positive, and we don't force our political views on people."  (It's true that I try to avoid political discussions in social settings.  This blog is my outlet for that, and this particular acquaintance does not subscribe.)  He then fell back into the squishy, intellectually lazy safe zone of false equivalence:  "Politics doesn't mean anything.  It's all bullshit."   

Interesting, isn't it?  When he's feeling confident of his own political stance, he doesn't hesitate to make it a topic of conversation so he can pontificate about it.  But when his boy has clearly gone off the demented deep end, he quickly loses his partisan fervor and wants to avoid any talk of politics.  And he's appreciative of his "favorite" D's because we don't rub his nose in it.

Just like that, by staying true to our principles and remaining consistent in public behavior, by changing nothing, we go from disrespectful to nice.  I'm honored, I guess.  It's this guy's version of eating crow, I think.

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