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Buster Gammons

Monday, March 13, 2017

Paul Ryan Is A Rat-Faced Bastard Without A Soul -- Kill His Bill!

House Republicans are set to ram through a health care bill that no one wants.  They'll do it through the budget reconciliation process, which requires a lower 51% majority to pass the House.  They're rationalizing their no-public-hearings rush job by saying that the Dems did the same thing with the Affordable Care Act -- which is absolutely false! -- and that they are "keeping their promise to the American people" to repeal the ACA.

Evidently, the majority of the public doesn't care about that "promise."  In fact, the public rejects it.

We are such an Idiot Nation that far too many people don't understand that the ACA and Obamacare are one and the same.  For years in poll after poll, they've said they love the ACA but they hate Obamacare.  And now we're beginning to hear from moron Trump voters who are suddenly scared to death at the prospect of losing their health coverage.  (This is what the GOP promised you!)

By the numbers, 58% of Americans want to keep the ACA and improve on it.  Only 39% want to see it repealed.  The American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Nursing Association and the AARP are all strongly opposed to the Ryan plan.

But Paulie don't care.  He's a zealot.  His plan is heartless and reckless, he knows it, and he loves it.  It's the "Pay More and Get Less" Plan.  It's the "Health Care Is a Privilege (And If You Can't Afford It, Fuck You)" Plan.  It's the "American Wealth Care" Act.

Ryan's devotion to this cruel crusade tells us all we need to know about him (as if we didn't know it already).  He's a well-rehearsed liar and a soulless bastard.  Kill his bill!

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  1. It's true "Animal Farm" is here now::: "All Animals Are Equal / But Some Are More Equal Than Others." When it was time to send the horse Boxer to the hospital you do know where he was really sent... When the van arrives to take Boxer to the hospital, however, Benjamin reads its side and learns that Boxer is actually being taken to a knacker, or glue-boiler. Welcome to Trump Careless America