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Buster Gammons

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Baseball Endures. Trump Will Not.

As I languish in recovery and rehab mode, today I am grateful for March Madness.  Nothing like an overdose of basketball to keep me occupied.

I'm also grateful that spring training is underway and another baseball season is just around the corner.  I look forward to watching many innings, and napping through many more.  And this morning, I watched Field of Dreams for the umpteenth time.  It's always a guaranteed tear-jerker (at least for me).

Among the many moving scenes is the speech by the Terrence Mann character, played by James Earl Jones, near the end of the film.  Here's the speech, with a bit of extra dialogue courtesy of Buster:

People will come, Ray.  The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.  America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers.  It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again.  But baseball has marked the time.  This field, this game -- it's a part of our past, Ray.  It reminds us of all that once was good and could be again.

So yes, Ray, Donald Trump is a carbuncle on our nation's ass -- ugly, painful, even dangerous -- but he's just a temporary affliction which will fade and soon be forgotten.  Baseball will not fade, Ray.  Baseball will endure.  It will most definitely endure.

So, play ball!  And fuck Donald Trump. 

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